About the Accent Program

The Accent membership program is a new province-wide initiative. It targets building the capacity of Anglophone and Francophone SMEs to serve their customers in French and English, thereby creating opportunities for strategic growth. Becoming a member of the Accent program means enjoying exclusive access to a wealth of resources for strengthening capacity and increasing visibility among English and French-speaking customers throughout this province and beyond.

The Accent program is a one-year – April 2012 to March 2013 – pilot project featuring three membership levels depending on a company’s needs and objectives. It is being made exclusively available to the first 200 companies in New Brunswick that register.

The Accent program offers practical training workshops to SME owners, managers and employees as well as ongoing post-training support and exclusive access to a wealth of online resources depending on each company’s membership level. The program trainers are seasoned New Brunswick entrepreneurs who will share with participating companies the tools, techniques and strategies they have put into practice during their own years in business.

The Accent program is an initiative of Learn Sphere Canada. It is made possible through financial support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the Gorvernment of New Brunswick.