What You Get from the Accent Program

The objective of the Accent program is to work closely with its member businesses with a view to first assessing their current bilingual capacity and then strengthening this essential component of their offering. This capacity-building process involves identifying each SME’s strengths and weaknesses, delivering practical, affordable training to the company either on or off-site and developing and implementing an action plan guided by the use of multiple additional tools, resources and strategic supports based on that company’s membership level.


Training is delivered either in-house at your company or off-site depending on your company’s membership level. The objective of the training provided under the Accent program is to strengthen the capacity of participating SMEs to serve their customers from the province’s two linguistic communities while also giving the companies a competitive advantage.

3 Hours of Consulting Support

Depending on your needs, your company may benefit from three additional hours of consultation with our trainers as required.

Virtual Support and Solution Centre

Access to the Virtual Support and Solution Centre (via toll-free number or e-mail) is available for Gold level members. In addition, the center will provide the translation of expressions and terms in real time and in the case of text not exceeding 500 words, within 24 hours or less according to an agreed upon rate.


Does your business really take advantage of bilingualism? To help you answer this question, the Accent program offers a diagnosis to evaluate your company’s bilingual capacity (English and French). This tool allows you to get an objective outlook at your ability to attract and serve customers in both languages as well as your ability to develop their loyalty. The diagnosis will show you where you stand and let you decide what strategic actions you should implement to help your business grow.

Tool Box

Following the training, your business will receive a toolbox containing resources to pursue the goals you have set. This toolbox will also contain promotional items allowing you to communicate your efforts and commitment towards your customer service in both languages.

Web Portal

Available exclusively for members of the Accent program, the web portal offers complementary tools to the training, links to other programs and benefits available, etc.


Members will receive an Accent program sticker that can be displayed in their business once the training is completed. This will show that they adhere to the principle of active offer and implement efforts to enhance their customer service in both languages.